Prof. Hanna Suchocka
Department of Constitutional Law
Former Prime Minister of Poland
Former Poland’s Ambassador to the Holy See

Tomasz Gołąb / Gość Niedzielny

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“If you want to understand how the European Union actually works and tackles the past and present challenges of the European project, and would like be able to comment on public and state policies relating to everyday life, then the BA program in European Legal Studies offered by one of the leading schools of law, the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy in Poznań, Poland is right for you.”

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Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland is one of the largest, most diverse universities in Poland with over 40,000 students. Its 100-year old reputation is founded on long tradition of higher education in the City of Poznań and the outstanding current achievements of its staff, students and graduates.